Dilroop Kaur - 2011 LDP Participant

“This program provided me the most inspiring and valuable weekend of my life. I have developed insights which I will take throughout my life”

Jaywin Singh - 2011 LDP Participant

“I came with an open mind and left completely inspired. Most importantly though, I have 16 other young leaders who I can call family”

Details and Commitment

SALDEF SikhLEAD LDP5 Dinner 10-2016This transformative program creates an atmosphere in which participants can explore their unique leadership potential and set goals for their future. Through a team of trainers, speakers, and supportive mentors, the program helps participants maximize their personal potential while making positive, community-based social change possible. Simultaneously, participants form a cooperative network of young leaders and forge meaningful bonds.

Applications for the 2017 Leadership Development Program #LDP6 are now closed.

The six-month program is bookended by six days of training spread over two weekends: February 17-20 in Los Angeles, CA and October 6-9, 2017 in Washington D.C. Participation in both weekends is mandatory. Participants will:

  • Develop a clear understanding of their unique leadership profile.
  • Create a personal mission statement.
  • Develop new skills in public speaking, goal-setting, and peer education.
  • Increase awareness of personal culture and identity.
  • Develop a framework within which to understand their Sikh and American identities as united, through which service for one is service for all.

SALDEF SikhEAD LDP6 Workshop 2016Participants will be chosen based on an application process that includes a video interview lasting up to an hour. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview in August.

Before applying please be sure that you can commit to the following:

  • Participate in both residencies of the program. This might mean you have to take some time off from work and/or school. No Exceptions.
  • Complete all assigned reading prior to traveling for the residencies.
  • Complete a Community Leadership Project during the duration of the program– this project will be discussed in detail during the first residency; you will be expected to make a formal presentation during the second residency.
  • Participate in two video check-ins between the two residencies. You must complete check-in readings before the video calls. These check-ins are either with SALDEF staff or your complete cohort.


SALDEF SikhLEAD LDP6 Selfie 2016All participants will stay at accommodations provided by SALDEF for the duration of the program. For both residencies, participants must arrive in the respective cities–Los Angeles and Washington, DC–by Friday before 5 p.m. local time and leave no earlier than 3 p.m. local time on Monday. More information about accommodations will be provided to participants upon selection.


SALDEF staff will work with each participant to arrange travel to and from Los Angeles and Washington DC. SALDEF will cover all travel costs.